Sunday, April 6, 2008


Asset Accounting Accessing Trx code: OAYR (Special Intervals and posting values)

Hi All

Can you please help me with the following issue:

How can I see the screen for Special Intervals and posting values (Trxn code: OAYR) for my company code 50. When I access the trxn code OAYR, I always get an error for "Company code 0001 not defined in Asset Accounting". How can I specify that I want to access only Company code 50.



Well, the problem is that you most probably deleted SAP pre-delivered data and the system is complaining about consistency because something was not deleted properly.

If, you had not done that or had deleted all asset config properly, you would get the selection for your company code available.

go to oaob and check if cocd 0001 is assigned anywhere there. f it is clear it. Also, make sure your company (50) is assigned there.


Thanks for the reply. I had checked OAOB. My company code 50 is already assigned there. I also could not find any reference/entry for company code 0001 there.

I wonder why there is such a problem accessing the trxn code OAYR as we are not facing this problem any where else.


Then the option is to go to oss and search for notes.